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Hurricane Relief Project

During this time of Thanksgiving, it’s important to remember those about our globe who need our help.  One such issue has been brought to my attention by WB Alvin Benimerito of Long Pine Lodge No. 136.  Some of you may know Alvin from his work for the Grand Lodge, Eastern Star and his great work at Long Pine.  Alvin is originally from the town of Bogo, Cebu in the Philippines.  It’s a small, poor village that has recently been devastated by a hurricane.  The pictures of the area and stories that are available on the Internet are shocking.  This village relies primarily on the fishing trade and the hurricane has destroyed the local fleet of fishing boats.  Alvin has taken action and has set up Project Go Fish to raise funds to help replace the lost fishing boats.  Attached is the information on the project and I would ask that you consider a donation to this project.

(Click on the pictures below to expand to readable size)

img398 img399

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to take a quick minute to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!  As citizens of the US and Masons, we have much to be thankful for this week.  We must keep this in mind all throughout the year as well.   I’m doubly thankful to have all of you as Brothers.

Something to think about:  What if you woke up one morning, and the only things or people you had were those you were thankful for the night before?


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Something rare: Common sense

Found this article on line today and thought it would be good to share with all of you.


Cal lecturer’s email to students goes viral: “Why I am not canceling class tomorrow”

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Masonic Relief Fund Quilt Raffle

Today is the day you are receiving an amazing chance to support the Grand Lodge Masonic Relief Fund and to own a piece of artwork that you will be proud to display for years to come.

The Masonic Relief Committee is conducting a raffle of a handmade Masonic themed quilt made by Ruth Lindly, the wife of WB Leonard Lindly and mother of GJS Kevin Lindly.

This handmade quilt measure a massive 64 x 80 inches and has 12 embroidered Masonic officer aprons framing the mosaic pavement with a square and compass in the center (see attached picture.)

This one of a kind quilt honors the Masonic Lodge and Grand Lodge of Nebraska with each officer apron hand crafted and the entire quilt sewn by Ruth Lindly.  Ruth has literally put in hundreds of hours of work on this quilt!

There are a limited number of tickets available (250) for this museum quality quilt.  

The cost of the ticket is just $20, and 100% of the money goes to the Masonic Relief Fund.  

To get your ticket, simply e-mail or call me and let me know how many tickets you want.  I will reserve tickets in your name and collect the money from you at Annual Communication or you can mail me a check.

(The drawing will be done during Annual Communication.)

I look forward to receiving your ticket request!


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Trip to Western Nebraska

On 16 November, I traveled to Western Nebraska to meet with James L. Eatmon Lodge No. 294, Robert W. Furnas Lodge No. 265, Scottsbluff Lodge No. 201 and Alliance Lodge No. 183.  We met at the golf course in Gering for a nice dinner and some face to face time to discuss Masonry and how things are going in their Lodges.  The evening was filled with fellowship and good information shared by the Lodges.

(On the way back on Sunday, I ran into a Western Nebraska phenomenon…the tumbleweed storm!  I have never seen anything like it!)

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Osceola Lodge No. 65

On 14 November, I travled to Osceola Lodge No. 65 for the soup and pie supper preceding their regular business meeting.  The Lodge did a great job of opening and had a good meeting with successful election of new officers for 2014.

The pie was phenomenal!

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New Life for an old Desk

As we transitioned out of the old Grand Lodge building into the new one, we found that we had some furniture that we just didn’t need any longer.  Among the pieces we had left over was an enormous desk that sat in the old Grand Master’s office.  This was an impressive piece of furniture with a huge top and many drawers,  Very regal looking!

As we struggled to decide what to do with it, we decided that we just couldn’t part with it and needed to find it a good home.  That’s when Ron Giesselmann from the Children’s Home in Fremont came to the rescue!  Ron and friends loaded up the big desk and it is now proudly serving in the Computer lab at the home! Thanks, Ron!


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Veterans Day

A heartfelt thank you to all the men and women who haves served our Country to enable us to live free.

Thank a Vet today!

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Awards Dinner at Rob Morris Lodge No. 46

On Sunday 3 November, Lady Ann and I attend the annual Awards Dinner at Rob Morris No. 46.  We had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed some great fellowship!  We had some awards, years pins, history and proficiency cards!  And the one of the best parts, for me, was pie!

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