Have Eatmon Gavel, will Travel

07 Aug

Members of Rob Morris Lodge No. 146 in Kearney travelled to Ogallala on August 6, 2019 to present the Sonny Eatmon Traveling Gavel to members of the Ogalalla Lodge No. 159.

The Traveling Gavel was presented as a gift to the Grand Lodge by the Family of Past Grand Master James L. “Sonny” Eatmon, (GM 1992) in 2005.  W.B. John Ferguson handcrafted this beautiful wood gavel and case in honor of his father-in-law. The gavel or wood maul was commissioned as the James L. “Sonny” Eatmon Traveling Gavel on February 3, 2006.

Symbolic of the operative craft working as Masons in the construction of Ancient Monumental Edifices and the intricate detail of ornamentation, it is appropriate that this gavel or wood maul work in our lodges to demonstrate leadership and concern to the fine details of fellowship among our speculative craft and thus encourage visitations among our lodges and brethren.

This gavel departs Annual Communication each year with the lodge of the new Grand Master. It is the responsibility of at least four brethren, of which at least two must be officers of that lodge, to visit another lodge within 30 days and to carry and deposit the gavel to the visited lodge. That lodge will then hold the same obligation of visiting and depositing the gavel in another lodge within 30 days.

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