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College View Raises New Member

On 16 October 2019, College View Lodge raised Brother Caid Blees to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. W.B. Tom Anderson conferred the degree as Worshipful Master, with W.M. Curt Wolbert as Senior Warden, W.B. Byron Van Patten as Junior Warden, W.B. Jairo Cabieles as Treasurer, W.B. Doug Johnson as Secretary, W.B. Paul Hadley as Chaplain, W.B. Grady Wells (Olive Branch Lodge No. 274) as Senior Deacon, Brother Scott Buck Jr. as Junior Deacon, Brother Sean Bush as Senior Steward, W.B. Chuck Burk as Junior Steward, and W.B. Jim Michaelson (East Lincoln Lodge No. 210) as Tyler. W.B. Doug Johnson and W.M. Curt Wolbert gave the Questions and Answers lecture, W.B. Jim Michaelson gave the 2nd lecture, and W.B. Bruce Watkins gave the 3rd lecture and issued the Charge.

Thanks go out to all of the brethren who came together this evening to bring a brother into the fraternity.

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