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Members of Papillion Receive 2020 GM Pins and Coins

M.W. Ron presented two 2020 Grand Master pins and coins on February 11, 2020 while attending the monthly Regular Communication of Papillion Lodge No. 39.  The coins and pins were given to W.B. Dan Marr and Master of Papillion Lodge and W.B. Adam Cejka.  W.B. Dan received his coin and pin for the effort he has expended with the Grand Lodge Membership Committee, while W.B. Adam received his for his plans during his year as Master that include community involvement, lodge social activities that in a number of instances includes families and guests, and the leadership he is providing to Papillion Lodge.

Pictured left to right:  W.B. Dan Marr, M.W. Ron Stites, Grand Master, and W.B. Adam Cejka.
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