“Capture the Gavel” Contest in Lincoln

11 Mar

Myron Coleman, Past Master of Craftsmen Lodge No. 314 in Lincoln, created a fun contest among the Lincoln Lodges where a traveling gavel is used and members of other lodges must visit to try to “capture the gavel” from the current lodge holding it.

This isn’t your Grandfather’s “Traveling Gavel”!  This is a 7-pound replica of “Mjölner” or Thor’s Hammer.  At least three brothers of a lodge have to travel to Lodges in Lincoln to capture the gavel.  At the end of the day, the Lodge with the most members present at that function will be able to take the gavel home to their lodge for a time.

The rules of the contest:

  1. This contest is for Lodges located in Lincoln, NE.  Future contests will likely include the rest of the state, but the trial is in Lincoln.
  2. You must travel to other Lodges with your Brethren and attend Lodge events.  Any Lodge function will be acceptable, except practice sessions.  For example: business meetings, degrees, fundraisers, Ladies at the Table, Past Masters Night, etc  – would all be acceptable times to capture the gavel.
  3. A minimum of three members is required to capture the gavel.   If more than one lodge is present, the lodge with the most members present will win the battle.  If there is a tie in regards to members present, the lodge with the most officers present will win the tie.  If officers-present is unable to break the tie, the oldest subordinate lodge will win the battle.
  4. Multiple Membership Rule – if a Brother holds multiple memberships which include the Lodge in possession of the gavel, he must be disqualified from the member/officer count of the visiting Lodge trying to capture the gavel.
  5. Prior to the victor leaving a Lodge with the gavel, they must post the spoils (their crew holding the gavel) to the designated Facebook group (2020 Lincoln (NE) Lodges – Capture the Gavel).  Failure to do so will result in an immediate revocation of the gavel. 
  6. 60-day Rule – if a Lodge has possession of the gavel for more than 59 days, they are required to present the gavel to the next closest Lodge that hasn’t had the gavel.
  7. If we are able to get this gavel to all 12 Lodges in Lincoln before March 1st of 2021, the creator will purchase another gavel and the contest will run again.
  8. As the “Host Lodge”, Craftsmen Lodge No. 314 has the final say on all matters relating to the contest.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020, was the first opportunity for a visiting lodge to “capture the gavel” from Craftsman Lodge No. 314. Liberty Lodge No. 300 had 4 members in attendance for the business meeting and took the gavel home.

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