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Brother Brothers Receive 50-year Pins

On March 24, 2021, Brother Brothers Lyndell and Larry Whipps each received their 50-year pins from Robert Burns Lodge No. 173 in Stratton. The brothers were both raised together on April 12, 1971. Lyndell has served as Secretary of the lodge since 2007.

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Long Pine Member Receives 50-year Pin

On March 16, 2021, Worshipful Master Garrett Weidner and WBro. Stan Weidner, Grand Marshal, presented a 50-year membership award to WBro. Murray Mellor.

First picture left to right: Worshipful Master Garrett Weidner, WBro. Phil Brown, WBro. Murray Mellor and WBro. Stan Weidner, Grand Marshal.

Second picture: (Front L-R) WBro. Alvin Benemerito, WBro. Phil Brown, Bro. Don Coash, WBro. Garrett Weidner, Bro. Cody Croghan, WBro. Stan Weidner, WBro. Murray Mellor, WBro. James Nelson.
(Back L-R) WBro. Barry Frerichs, WBro. Jeremiah Schartz and WBro. Terry Foxworthy

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Sonny Eatmon Gavel Travels to Omaha

On March 17, 2021, members of Springfield Lodge No. 112 presented the Sonny Eatmon Traveling Gavel to Albert Pike Lodge No. 333 in Omaha. It is the intention of members of Albert Pike Lodge to take the gavel to North Bend in April.

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New Member Raised at College View 320

On March 10, 2021, College View Lodge No. 320 in Lincoln raised Brother Steven Johnson to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. W.B. Tom Anderson conferred the degree as Worshipful Master, with W.M. Curt Wolbert as Senior Warden, Brother Scott Buck Jr. as Junior Warden, W.B. Jairo Cabieles as Chaplain, W.B. David Johnson as Senior Deacon, Brother Bruce Gubser as Junior Deacon, W.B. Chuck Burk as Senior Steward, W.B. Doug Johnson as Junior Steward, and W.B. Bruce Watkins as Tyler. W.B. Doug Johnson and W.M. Curt Wolbert gave the Questions and Answers lecture, W.B. Bruce Watkins gave the 2nd lecture, 3rd lecture, and issued the Charge as well. 

Thanks go out to all of the brethren who came together this evening to bring a brother into the fraternity.”

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CHIP Award Presented in Chadron

A Masonic CHIP Award was presented to John Schultz, Jr., a member of Samaritan Lodge No. 158 in Chadron for his contributions to the Nebraska Freemasons Child Identification Program in the Chadron area. Brother John was not present at Annual Communication, so the award was given to him by Jock Faris, Grand Chaplain, and Charles James, Worshipful Master, at the regular communication of Samaritan Lodge on March 4th.

158 award
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