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Building the Flag Program

On a beautiful morning in Bassett, Nebraska on Memorial Day, May 31, 2021, six members and four ladies of Joseph Warren Camp, Heroes of ’76, and Omaha Chapter No. 19 of National Sojourners presented the Colors and the National Sojourners, Incorporated “Building the Flag Program” to more than 100 attendees.  The Program was in support of the annual Bassett American Legion Post No. 123 Memorial Day Ceremony.  The “Building the Flag Program” presents the development of the United States Flag from when Congress authorized an official Flag on June 14, 1777, the many iterations it went through to be what it is today, and includes a summary of when the states were admitted.  From left to right: WM Bill Pickle and his Lady Judy, WB Okley Gibbs, WM George “Fritz” McMullin and his Lady Deb, Lady Carolyn and WB Carl Diamond. Lady Fay and Br. Dan Daniels, and MW PGM Ron Stites.

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