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Paden Cottage Opens!

Paden Cottage Opens!

On January 3, 2018 Paden Cottage opened with the first six children moving in!

It’s been a long construction cycle but the outcome is fantastic! The girls each have their own room with a private bathroom, a study desk and plenty of room to grow and become the person they are meant to be.  And thanks to Mrs. Lindly, they each get their own quilt to brighten up their room.

A big thank you from the Director, his staff, the children and the Board of Directors of the Masonic-Eastern Star Home for Children to all the wonderful donors that helped us make this vision a reality!

Special thanks to MWB Ivan Vrtiska for designing a wonderful building that feels like a cozy, welcoming HOME!

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New Quilts for the Girls of the Masonic-Eastern Star Home for Children

New Quilts for the Girls of the Masonic-Eastern Star Home for Children

Saturday was a very special day at the Fremont home for the girls.  Ruth Lindly of Broken Bow (Mother of WB Kevin Lindly; Custer Lodge #148) decided that each of the children at the home should have their own quilt to stay warm this winter and today she delivered 20 quilts to the home!  The girls were allowed to pick out their favorite and were very excited!  Some even wore their quilts to lunch!

A huge THANK YOU to Ruth Lindly for this extraordinary gift to the children of the Fremont home!

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2014 Installation Pictures

These are just a few pics we took during the installation.  The professional pics will be put up later.

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Pictures from the 2014 Annual Communications

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Grand Lodge Bylaws now online!

Throughout this past year as I’ve met many of the Brethren, I’ve often been asked if the Grand Lodge could provide the Grand Lodge bylaws in electronic form.  Many Brethren (myself included) would rather carry the file on our phone, tablet or laptop, than carry the book.  So I have directed the Grand Lodge office staff to make the bylaws available on our web site.  Here’s how it works:

1.  Go to this link:  Bylaws  You can purchase an electronic copy and/or a printed copy

2.  Fill in “YES” to agree to the software license

3.  Finish up purchase using PayPal (you do not have to have a PayPal account, just a credit card)

4.  You will then receive your copy of the bylaws from the office by e-mail.

A couple of things to note:

1.  The bylaws are searchable but the file is locked preventing changes

2.  New updates will be sent to you electronically each year

3.  Part of the software license is that you will not share this file.  Each person who wants a copy needs to purchase their own copy.

4.  By 2016, we will be phasing out the printed copy

If you have any questions, please contact Michelle at the Grand Lodge office.

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Grand Lodge of Nebraska’s Individual Proficiency School

Grand Lodge of Nebraska’s Individual Proficiency School. Below are the pertinent details:

  • START DATE/TIME: February 23, 2014.  2:00 to 4:00 pm. Monthly thereafter
  • LOCATION: Grand Lodge Office,301 N. Cotner Blvd., Lincoln
  • PREREQUISITE: Nebraska Entered Apprentice Degree Lecture Section I, full Questions and Answers
  • REGISTRATION FEE: $25, refundable on graduation. Payable before class starts by check only
  • ATTIRE: Casual yet appropriate
  • MATERIALS REQUIRED: Current Nebraska Ritual Cipher

Enrollees will be verbally tested in the EA Questions and Answers by the Grand Custodian or his Deputies on the first day of class. Those not passing will have no registration fee collected. After the class begins no refunds will be offered, however your $25 fee will be donated to the Grand Lodge Masonic Relief Fund.  Only Grand Lodge Officers, Deputy Grand Custodians teaching the class, and uncertified students not currently fully proficient who have paid the registration fee will be allowed in the classroom without permission of the Grand Master or Grand Custodian.

This is currently the only class being offered. Classes in other geographical locations may be offered if interest and registration supports it.  Classes will not be conducted via the internet or other electronic media.

More details will be announced on Friday, February 7 at the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge in Kearney.

If you know others who may be interested, contact Patrick Barger at

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Letter from Imperial Shrine to the Grand Lodge of Nebraska

Brethren:  As you know, we have been dealing with an issue regarding the Imperial Shrine since early in 2013.  You can read my post of January 18 to get further details.

This post is to share with you a letter from Imperial Shrine to the Grand Lodge of Nebraska.  This letter will be read into the record at Annual Communications next week by a representative of the Imperial Shrine.  He will also be presenting the checks to Midwest No. 317 and the York Rite of Hastings.

Again, I’d like to thank all of the Brothers that helped with this issue and many thanks to the divan of the Imperial Shrine for their cooperation.

You can read the letter by clicking on the link below:

Nebraska Letter from Imperial Potentate

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