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Bellevue EA wins Proficiency Excellence Coin

Brother Lawrence Willis proved up in the Entered Apprentice Degree on Wednesday night, July 21, 2021, at Bellevue Lodge No. 325, prior to receiving his Fellow Craft Degree. His outstanding performance of Q&A resulted in his being awarded the Full Form Proficiency Excellence Coin by Grand Master Jim Carlton. 

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Eatmon Traveling Gavel making its way through Northeastern Lodges

On June 17, 2021, Brothers of Corinthian Lodge No. 83 in Wayne delivered the James L. “Sonny” Eatmon Traveling Gavel to Magnolia Lodge No. 220 in Emerson. The gavel has since travelled from Emerson to Omadi Lodge No. 5 in South Sioux City, with brothers taking it there on July 13, 2021.

The Eatmon Traveling Gavel was presented as a gift to the Grand Lodge by the Family of Past Grand Master James L. “Sonny” Eatmon, (GM 1992) in 2005.  Worshipful Brother John Ferguson, how serving as Grand Junior Warden, handcrafted this beautiful wood gavel and case in honor of his father-in-law.  The gavel departs Annual Communication each year with the Lodge of the new Grand Master.  It is the responsibility of at least four brethren, of which at least two must be officers, of the lodge to visit another lodge within 30 days and to carry and deposit the gavel to the visited lodge.  Each lodge receiving the Gavel holds the same obligation of visiting and depositing the gavel in another Lodge within 30 days. 

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Member Raised at College View 320

On July 21, 2021, College View Lodge No. 320 in Lincoln raised Brother Cody Pershing to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. WB Tom Anderson conferred the degree as Worshipful Master, with WM Curt Wolbert as Senior Warden, Brother Scott Buck Jr. as Junior Warden, WB David Johnson as Senior Deacon, Brother Bruce Gubser as Junior Deacon, WB Chuck Burk as Senior Steward, Brother Steve Johnson as Junior Steward, and WB Byron Van Patten as Tyler. Brother Steve Johnson and WM Curt Wolbert gave the Questions and Answers lecture, WB Bruce Watkins gave the 2nd lecture, 3rd lecture, and issued the Charge as well. Thanks go out to all of the brethren who came together this evening to bring a brother into the fraternity.

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Lodge in Rosalie Awards Bikes at Burt County Fair

Olive Branch Lodge No. 274 in Rosalie gave away two bicycles at the Burt County Fair in Oakland on Sunday July 18th. Helping at the event were Karl Lundquist, Jerry Sieck, Grady Wells, and Kent Neumann.

Pictured left is the boy’s winner (L-R): Karl Lundquist, Hunter S., and Jerry Sieck.

Pictured right is the girl’s winner (L-R): Karl Lundquist, Mia L., Jerry Sieck, and Grady Wells.

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Past Grand Master Given Honorary Membership of Prince Hall Masons in Nebraska

The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nebraska held their Annual Communication in Omaha on July 16 & 17, 2021. M.W.B. John Maxell and M.W.B Ron Stites were in attendance.  Most Worshipful Freddie Clopton, Grand Master of Prince Hall Masons, presented M.W. Ron Stites with an Honorary Membership to the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nebraska.

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Member of Bee Hive Lodge Passed to Fellow Craft Degree

On Thursday, July 15th, 2021 Bro. Heath Evans was passed to the degree of a Fellow Craft Mason at Bee Hive Lodge No. 184. In attendance and providing the Lodge with degree work help were two brethren from John J. Mercer Lodge No. 290 – Bros. Christian Soseman and Celio Santos, Bellevue Lodge No. 325 – Bro. Dan Alati, WB John Herbolsheimer [Capitol] – Grand Junior Deacon, and WB Eric BenSalah [Mercer] – Grand Junior Steward.

Pictured in front are Bros. Heath Evans (center) and his father Bro. Joe Evans to his left.
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New Member Initiated in Long Pine

On July 9, 2021. Long Pine Lodge No. 136 Initiated AJ Benemerito.

The brethren attending the degrees:
(1st row L-R) Bro. Don Coash as Junior Steward, WBro. Terry Foxworthy as Senior Steward, WBro. Phil Brown as Junior Deacon, WBro. Garrett Weidner as Tyler & Asked the Questions, New EA Bro. AJ Benemerito, WBro. Alvin Benemerito as Worshipful Master, EA Bro. Troy Graf, WBro. Wayne Andreasen (Plainview 204), Bro. Rani Perez (Covert 11).
(2nd row L-R) WBro. Stan Weidner Senior Warden and Answered the Questions, WBro. Jeremiah Schartz as Senior Deacon, Bro. Pat Kellogg as Treasurer, WBro. James Nelson as Chaplain and delivered the Charge.
(3rd row L-R) WBro. Barry Frerichs Junior Warden and delivered the 3rd Section Lecture, WBro. Gale Retzlaff (Plainview 204) and WBro. James Taylor as Secretary.
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Proficiency Coin Awarded and New Member Initiated at East Lincoln Lodge No. 210

On Monday, July 5, 2021, Bro. Karl Vierkant received the Grand Master’s Proficiency Coin for the Entered Apprentice Degree. Pictured L to R: WBro. Eric BenSalah, Grand Junior Steward; WBro. Jeff Buhrman, PR of the GM; Bro. Karl Vierkant; MWBro. Patrick Barger, PGM; RWBro. John Millington, Grand Senior Warden; and WBro. John Herbolsheimer, Grand Junior Deacon. 

Bro. Michael Ball was initiated at East Lincoln Lodge No. 210 with the assistance of several Grand Lodge Officers. Bro. Karl had done his proficiency exam as part of the degree for Bro. Michael.

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Grand Master Introduced at Imperial Shrine

Most Worshipful James A. Carlton, Grand Master, was introduced at the Imperial Shrine Session in Houston, Texas, on Tuesday, July 6, 2021.

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Memorial Service held on 100th Anniversary for 1st Member of Olive Branch to Die in Military Service

Several Brethren of Olive Branch Lodge No. 274, as well as several members of the Freedom Riders, attended a Masonic Memorial Service on Saturday July 3, 2021 for Brother Fletcher L. Farley, who died from wounds received in WW I, and was buried 100 years ago on this date. The minutes of the meeting held on July 3, 1921 detail the original service on that date.

Brother Farley was:

  • Initiated as an Entered Apprentice Mason on March 12, 1917,
  • Passed to the degree of a Fellow Craft Mason on April 9, 1917,
  • and on the evening of Monday, May 7, 1917 it was the distinct honor to Brother Fletcher to be raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. 

Fletcher Lawrence Farley was the son of Edward Farley and Rosalie LaFlesche.  He graduated from Bancroft High School in the Spring of 1906 and entered the University of Nebraska from which he received his degrees in 1913.  He practiced law in Bancroft for about one year before coming to Walthill about January 1, 1918 where he practiced law and had charge of the office of Farley Bros. until he enlisted in the service of his country.

Brother Fletcher enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on February 1, 1918 and received training at Paris Island, SC and Quantico, VA.  He received the rank of Private and was attached to Company C, USMC Replacement Battalion.  He departed overseas on May 27 and arrived in France on June 8, 1918. Private Farley was wounded on June 24, 1918 while attempting to give aid to his wounded Captain. Brother Farley died three days later in a hospital. Burial was held on July 3, 1921 at 1:00 PM at the Bancroft Cemetery which included a Masonic Funeral Oration.  Twelve of his Brethren from Olive Branch Lodge No. 274 were in attendance as were several Brethren from Bancroft Lodge No. 145. His commendations include:  Purple Heart, World War I Victory Medal, and the Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal.  Brother Fletcher was the first member of Olive Branch Lodge No. 274 to die in the service of his country.

Olive Branch Brethren attending the 100th Anniversary Memorial Service at the Bancroft Cemetery included (L-R): Randy Dunn, L. R. Beermann, Grady Wells, Mike Tomasiewicz, and Kent Neumann.

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