New Member of Miloma Lodge Receives Artificer Award


Worshipful Master Jeff Bush and Grand Master Rick Myers presented the Artificer Award to Brother Jeff Calaway at Miloma Lodge No. 328 on November 1.

The Artificer Award is part of the ongoing commitment of the Grand Lodge of Nebraska to membership engagement and getting our new members involved in their respective blue lodges. It is the goal of this award to get our newly raised members involved in the lodge and give them a well-rounded exposure to the different things that this fraternity does, from our charity work, to the visits of the Grand Lodge Officers, to helping to support a lodge function, just to name a few.

A newly raised member of a lodge should be given the opportunity to pursue the Artificer Award starting the night he has been raised or shortly thereafter by a communication from the Master or Lodge Secretary. From this starting point the newly raised Master Mason has fourteen months to accomplish the list of requirements to achieve this award.

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Bellevue Lodge Participates in Old Town Trick or Treat Event

Bellevue Lodge No. 325 participated in the Old Towne Bellevue Trick or Treat Bash on October 29. It was a fun evening of trick or treating up and down the main streets in Old Town Bellevue. Fifty-plus businesses and churches provided a fun and safe environment for the entire family.

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Masons Honored by Scottish Rite

On October 28, Most Worshipful PGM Don Rasmussen (left picture) was honored as Hastings Valley’s Scottish Rite Mason of the year.

Grand Marshal John Ferguson was honored as Scottish Rite Mason of the year from Alliance Valley. In the center picture, W.B. John is pictured with his wife Liz and SGIG Chuck Sederstrom, and in the left picture, with B. Sederstrom.

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Waterloo Lodge Confers Fellow Craft degree

Grand Master Rick Myers was pleased to attend the conferral of four Fellow Craft degrees at Waterloo Lodge No. 102 on October 24. PGM Rex Moats (far right), Kraig Prange and WM Elliott Bottorf, along with Grand Personal Rep AJ Johnson, performed in the degrees.   The Fellow Craft pictured here are Scott Moore, Kyle Clark, Justin MacNair and Brooks Call.

2017.1024 Waterloo FC

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Tangier Chanters Rib Feed

Tangier Chanters had their annual rib feed on October 19, 2017. Grand Senior Deacon Jim Carlton sang “my girl” to 100 ladies in the audience!


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Year Pin Presented at Mizpah

On October 18, 2017, Grand Master Rick Myers And Worshipful Master Michael Tomasiewicz presented a 60-year pin to Brother John C. Bowsman, Jr. at Mizpah Lodge No. 302.  His Brother, Jerry Bowsman, who received his 60-year pin last year, was in attendance.


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One-Day Conferral in Hastings

On October 7, 2017, Ashlar Lodge No. 33 of Grand Island hosted a one-day conferral at the Hastings Masonic Center. Most Worshipful Rick Myers, Grand Master, is pictured below with the new Master Masons of the group that attended the one-day. The two brothers at the far right next to M.W. Myers are grandfather and grandson. Grandfather had completed his EA degree some time ago and finished his FC and MM degrees at the one day; and grandson went through all three degrees at the one-day. Additional candidates not pictured received the Entered Apprentice and/or Fellow Craft degrees. Welcome, Brothers!


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