“Capture the Gavel” Contest in Lincoln

Myron Coleman, Past Master of Craftsmen Lodge No. 314 in Lincoln, created a fun contest among the Lincoln Lodges where a traveling gavel is used and members of other lodges must visit to try to “capture the gavel” from the current lodge holding it.

This isn’t your Grandfather’s “Traveling Gavel”!  This is a 7-pound replica of “Mjölner” or Thor’s Hammer.  At least three brothers of a lodge have to travel to Lodges in Lincoln to capture the gavel.  At the end of the day, the Lodge with the most members present at that function will be able to take the gavel home to their lodge for a time.

The rules of the contest:

  1. This contest is for Lodges located in Lincoln, NE.  Future contests will likely include the rest of the state, but the trial is in Lincoln.
  2. You must travel to other Lodges with your Brethren and attend Lodge events.  Any Lodge function will be acceptable, except practice sessions.  For example: business meetings, degrees, fundraisers, Ladies at the Table, Past Masters Night, etc  – would all be acceptable times to capture the gavel.
  3. A minimum of three members is required to capture the gavel.   If more than one lodge is present, the lodge with the most members present will win the battle.  If there is a tie in regards to members present, the lodge with the most officers present will win the tie.  If officers-present is unable to break the tie, the oldest subordinate lodge will win the battle.
  4. Multiple Membership Rule – if a Brother holds multiple memberships which include the Lodge in possession of the gavel, he must be disqualified from the member/officer count of the visiting Lodge trying to capture the gavel.
  5. Prior to the victor leaving a Lodge with the gavel, they must post the spoils (their crew holding the gavel) to the designated Facebook group (2020 Lincoln (NE) Lodges – Capture the Gavel).  Failure to do so will result in an immediate revocation of the gavel. 
  6. 60-day Rule – if a Lodge has possession of the gavel for more than 59 days, they are required to present the gavel to the next closest Lodge that hasn’t had the gavel.
  7. If we are able to get this gavel to all 12 Lodges in Lincoln before March 1st of 2021, the creator will purchase another gavel and the contest will run again.
  8. As the “Host Lodge”, Craftsmen Lodge No. 314 has the final say on all matters relating to the contest.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020, was the first opportunity for a visiting lodge to “capture the gavel” from Craftsman Lodge No. 314. Liberty Lodge No. 300 had 4 members in attendance for the business meeting and took the gavel home.

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Training Held for GW Memorial Ambassadors

Grand Master Ron Stites dropped in on training for the George Washington Masonic National Memorial Ambassadors held Saturday and Sunday, February 29 & March 1 in Lincoln. Look for them to visit lodges across the state with programs about George Washington and the Memorial built by Masons to honor the Father of our country. Attending were, left, WB Brian Goninan, RWB John Millington, MWB Phil Lorenzen, WB Kevin Lindly, WB Wayne Vian, WB Delmar Jones, WB Jock Faris, WB Charlie Odorizzi, MWB Russ Reno, and MWB Ron Stites.

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Ritual Work at Rob Morris in Kearney

Rob Morris passed its newest Fellow Craft Mason on February 26, 2020. Louis Doxtator-Morenberg is pictured with the Brothers of Rob Morris Lodge No. 46 in Kearney.
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Spread the Word – BeAFreemason.Org

We need your help in spreading the word about by sharing it on all your social media pages and mentioning the site to your friends and acquaintances who may be interested in becoming Masons. 

The new website will serve as a guide for men who are interested in becoming Masons and act as a referral service matching interested men with the Grand Lodge in their area.

Below you will find a link to which I encourage you explore.  I would consider it a personal favor if you’d take a moment right now and mention that page on your own social media pages to help me spread the word about

Thanks for all you do for the Scottish Rite, and for the Craft. 


James Cole, Sovereign Grand Commander

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New Babies on Campus and Ice Jam Updates

The Masonic-Eastern Star Home for Children in Fremont gained a two new resident babies this week. Meet the newest members of the 4-H livestock family. The Hereford/Angus cross (black and white calf) was born on February 24th at about 9:00 am, and the Charolais (white calf) was born on February 25th at 3:30 am. Both calves were born naturally without any pulling necessary. Mama Charolais is very protective, as evidenced by her stern glare at the camera.

Ice Jam on the Platte River

The ice jam on the Platte River is getting plenty of press.  Not much has changed other than a new blowout next to the new $200K dike.  The government did approve a $1.6M contract to rebuild the blowout that directly affects the Children’s Home by Ames, Nebraska.  Fortunately, the ice jam is jamming the Ames blowout, so we are not affected – as of today. 

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Conference of Grand Masters in Louisville, KY

Four of the Nebraska Grand Lodge officers attended the Conference of Grand Lodges of Masons in North America held in Louisville, KY, February 15-18, 2020. Pictured are M.W. Reg Kuhn, Grand Secretary; R.W. Alex Straatmann, Grand Senior Warden; M.W. Ron Stites, Grand Master; and R.W. Jim Carlton, Deputy Grand Master.

Shown is R.W. Alex Straatmann’s reaction while standing in the buffet line at an evening Conference of Grand Masters in North America meal on learning there was no more fried chicken.  Not to worry though.  After a few deserts and 35 minutes he was successful in capturing a piece of newly prepared fried chicken.  Patience, and desert, does pay off after all!

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Chili Olympics at Florence Chapter

Grand Chaplain Roger Moore was honored to be a guest judge at the Chili Olympics presented by Florence Chapter #61 on Sunday, February 16.  Congratulations to W.B. Kraig Prange for his 1st place chili.

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