Deputy Grand Master Visits Lodge in Norfolk

Rick Myers, Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Nebraska, visited Mosaic Lodge No. 55 in Norfolk at their regular communication on December 6, 2016. R.W. Myers is pictured below with Worshipful Master Zak Hookstra.



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Master Mason 1st Section Ritual Contest

North Bend Lodge No. 119 competed in the Ritual Contest in Fremont on October 15, and five teams competed on October 29, 2016 – Fremont Lodge No. 15, Lancaster Lodge No. 54, Long Pine Lodge No. 136, Cotner Lodge No. 297, Liberty Lodge No. 300.

Grand Master Dennis Rix stated, “All participants are to be congratulated for the hard work and dedication they put forth to compete at this level.  They have all most certainly been enriched by the experience.  To echo MW Scott Krieger, ‘Any Brother that received a degree from you would know he had witnessed the best.’  We are all proud of you.”

Cotner Lodge No. 297 came out on top and will perform on Friday afternoon February 3, 2017 in Kearney at Annual Communication.

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Centennial Lodge Honors Past Masters and Widows


Deputy Grand Master Rick Myers joined the crowd at the Centennial Lodge No. 326 Past Masters and Widows night on October 25.

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Tangier Chanters Entertain

The Tangier Chanters entertained the diners during their fund raising rib feed at the Tangier Shrine Center.

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Therapy Dogs Certified in Fremont using MESHC facilities

The Pavilion and Parking lot at the Masonic-Eastern Star Home for Children in Fremont was the testing site for six dogs enrolled in the AKC Canine Good Citizen Program on Saturday, October 22nd. Four of the six dogs tested were certified as therapy dogs at the end of the day, including Louie and his owner/handler Nan Rix, the Grand Master’s Lady. Coincidentally, the certified examiner, Kermit Moore, is a member at Nemaha Valley Lodge No. 4.  After an 8-week training program, the handlers and dogs must pass a battery of tests and successfully complete numerous activities to receive a passing grade for certification. To prove they are well trained, the dogs must be able to sit, stay, heel, walk in patterns, interact well with people, be able to “leave it” (people and toys), be secure around medical equipment like wheelchairs and walkers, stay on point, and more.

Now that they are certified therapy dogs, the handlers can take the dogs anywhere with them. The Fremont Public schools is using therapy dogs and Nan hopes to be able to get Louie started soon.

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Grand Lodge Area Meetings

Omaha – Ten lodges were represented by eighteen brothers at the Omaha Area Meeting hosted by Nebraska Lodge No. 1 on October 17. Deputy Grand Master Rick Myers facilitated discussion. Participants included MW Grand Master Rix, as well as Grand Senior Deacon Ron Stites and Grand Orator John Fairlie.

Plattsmouth – The Southeast Grand Lodge Area Meeting was held on October 18 and was hosted by Plattsmouth Lodge No. 6.  Ten brothers from five lodges attended the meeting. W.B. John Fairlie, Grand Orator, led the meeting.  Also in attendance were W.B. Ron Stites, Grand Senior Deacon, and W.B. David Wetrosky, Grand Senior Steward.


Sidney – The West Grand Lodge Area Meeting was held on October 18hosted by Frank Welch Lodge No. 75. Sixteen brothers from five lodges attended the meeting. W.B. John Ferguson, Grand Chaplain, led the meeting.

North Platte – The Southwest Area Meeting was held on October 18, hosted by Platte Valley Lodge No. 32. W.B. Rob King, Grand Tyler, facilitated the meeting, along with M.W. Dennis Rix, Grand Master. Four lodges were represented by 10 members.

Hyannis – The Northwest Area Meeting was held on October 19, hosted by Zion Lodge No. 234 in Hyannis. The meeting was led by R.W. Bob Moninger Grand Junior Warden. Three brothers from the lodge in Hyannis and Past Grand Master Joe McBride attended.


Walthill – Nine brothers from four lodges attended the Northeast Area Meeting facilitated by W.B. Ron Stites, Grand Senior Deacon on October 19. Olive Branch Lodge No. 274 in Walthill hosted the meeting, and treated those who attended, including M.W. Dennis Rix, with a delicious meal prior to the meeting.


Burwell – The North Central Area Meeting was held October 20 at Blazing Star Lodge No. 200 in Burwell.  It was attended by seventeen Brothers representing three different Lodges.  After a wonderful meal prepared by WB Larry Donner of the host Lodge,  Grand Marshal Kevin Lindly started the meeting by thanking the brothers for attending.  Kevin presented the Grand Master’s recommendations as well as the ways the Constitution and Bylaws could be amended along with a reiteration of the importance of filling out and getting the Secretary’s signature and Lodge seal on credentials for each officer.  After answering some questions and getting some suggestions Kevin again thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting.

Wood River – The South Central Area Meeting was held in Wood River on October 20. Twenty-one brothers from eight lodges attended the meeting, along with M.W. Dennis Rix, Bob Moninger, Rob King and Alex Straatmann. Cement Lodge No. 211 prepared a dinner of smoked pork tenderloin for all attendees.


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Masonic Memorial Dedicated in Memory of W.B. Phil O. Edwards

The Grand Lodge Officers dedicated a Masonic Memorial at Westlawn-Hillcrest Cemetery in Omaha on Saturday, October 8, 2016. The Memorial was donated by Centennial Lodge No. 326 in memory of Worshipful Brother Philip O. Edwards, a Past Master and longtime Secretary of the Lodge, who passed away on January 16, 2016.

Centennial Lodge has had a partnership with Westlawn-Hillcrest Cemetery since 2007 when they began placing American Flags on Veterans graves for the Memorial Day Weekend.  Worship Brother Phil was instrumental in getting the Flag Project started and, in its 10 years, it has grown to more than 8,000 flags being placed and removed each year by nearly 250 volunteers comprised of Masons, Masonic appendant bodies, Masonic youth groups, Boy and Girl Scouts, church groups, veterans, and citizens of the greater Omaha area.

The new Memorial replaces a simple cement square and compass that was in the ground that was not well maintained.  Over the years, Centennial Lodge brothers talked of replacing the cement square and compass and were motivated to do so on the passing of W.B. Phil.  The result is a very fitting tribute to the Masonic Family and the epitome of a Master Mason, Worshipful Brother Philip O. Edwards.

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