College View Lodge Raises New Member

On October 20, 2021, College View Lodge No. 320 in Lincoln raised Brother Michael Frain to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. W.B. Tom Anderson conferred the degree as Worshipful Master, with W.M. Curt Wolbert as Senior Warden, Brother Scott Buck Jr. as Junior Warden, W.B. David Johnson as Senior Deacon, Brother Bruce Gubser as Junior Deacon, W.B. Gary Kassebaum as Chaplain and Senior Steward, Brother Cody Persing as Junior Steward, and W.B. Michael Berger as Tyler. W.B. Tom Anderson and W.M. Curt Wolbert gave the Questions and Answers lecture, W.B. Bruce Watkins gave the 2nd lecture, 3rd lecture, and issued the Charge as well.

Thanks go out to all of the brethren who helped raise Brother Frain up this evening.

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Sculpture Featuring Masonic Symbols Carved at Grand Lodge Office

In the Fall of 2020, two trees at the Grand Lodge office were removed due to their locations being too close to the neighboring property. The majority of the trunk of the tree at the entryway was preserved for a possible sculpture. Michelle Fulmer, Office Manager of the Grand Lodge, contacted Nate Hall of 3Timber Studio about the potential of carving a square and compass and the OES symbol to represent the occupants of the building. Nate carves trees all over Lincoln and the surrounding area with a chainsaw and dremmel tool and turns them into works of art. Nate agreed and the project was put on his waitlist.

On Thursday, October 21, Nate began working on transforming the tree. He started by cutting off the front half of the trunk to make a flat work area to form the square and compass and on which to add the OES symbol. Over the next week, the tree became a beautiful work of art that will attract attention to passersby and those visiting the Grand Lodge office. The final product features the Masonic square and compass at the top, with a painted OES symbol below it and Masonic working tools carved all around the trunk. It represents the Nebraska Masonic Family and is a piece of which all who are members can be very proud.

We encourage everyone to stop by and take a look at the new addition to the Grand Lodge office, take a picture with it, and stop in and say hello.

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Long Pine Lodge Passes Three Fellow Crafts and Adds an Eagle Scout

Three new Fellow Craft Masons were passed at Long Pine Lodge No. 136 on October 16, 2021.

(L-R Front) WBro. Alvin Benemerito served as Secretary, Chaplain and delivered the Stair Lecture and Charge; Bro. AJ Benemerito, Bro. Troy Graf, Bro. Cody Croghan, WBro. Terry Foxworthy conferred the degree as Worshipful Master and Bro. Don Coash Junior Warden. (L-R Back) WBro. Phil Brown as Senior Steward, WBro. Stan Weidner Senior Warden and Answered the Questions, WBro. Garrett Weidner as Junior Warden and Asked the Questions, Bro. Pat Kellogg as Junior Steward, WBro. Jeremiah Schartz as Senior Deacon, and, WBro. Barry Frerichs as Tyler.

The day following, October 17, 2021, Bro. AJ Benemerito became an Eagle Scout under the tutelage of WBro. Garrett Weidner as Scout Master of Boy Scout Troop 277. During the Court of Honor, AJ received the Eagle Charge from WBro. Terry Foxworthy an Eagle Scout.

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Cornerstone Ceremony Performed at David City High School

The Grand Lodge Officers laid a symbolic cornerstone at the new addition to the David City High School on October 13, 2021. Brethren of Fidelity Lodge No. 51 opened the lodge and received the Grand Master, then retired to the High School where the ceremony was performed in front of the student body, and accompanied by the David City High School Band and Chorus.

Pictured left to right are W. Roger Moore, Grand Orator; W. Eric BenSalah, Grand Junior Steward; R.W. John Ferguson, Grand Junior Warden; M.W. Jim Carlton, Grand Master; V.W. Jock Faris, Grand Chaplain; W. Hal Cottrell, Grand Tyler; W. John Herbolsheimer, Grand Junior Deacon; W. Stan Weidner, Grand Marshal; W. Mike Stuhr, Grand Senior Deacon; W. John Millington, Grand Senior Warden; and W. Kent Neumann, Personal Representative of the Grand Master.

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Bronze Jordan Medal and 70-year Pin Presented in Kearney

On October 6, 2021, Brother Larry McMaster was presented with the Bronze Jordan Medal and a 70-year pin for Rob Morris Lodge No. 46 in Kearney. The presentation was made by R.W. Alex Straatmann, Deputy Grand Master, with Worshipful Master Nathaniel Lowe and Senior Deacon Tim Lowe.

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Fellow Craft Degree Conferred at Capitol Lodge

On Thursday, October 14, Brother Sebit Mijak was passed to the degree of a Fellow Craft Mason by the Brethren of Capitol Lodge No. 3 in Omaha. W.Bro. Eric BenSalah (Grand Junior Steward) assisted them by providing the Middle Chamber Lecture.

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Grand Lodge Area Meeting Held in Columbus

W.B. Kevin Scheele, Grand Historian, facilitated an area meeting at Lebanon Lodge No. 323 in Columbus on Monday, October 11. Brethren from Columbus, Osceola, and Lincoln attended and participated in discussions on the legislative material proposals for February’s Annual  Communication of the Grand Lodge. Thanks again to W.B. Bob Wilbur for hosting us in Columbus!

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Four Entered Apprentice Masons Initiated in Elkhorn

Waterloo Lodge No. 102 initiated four new Entered Apprentice Masons on Tuesday, October 12. They are Kevin Edgerton, J.R. Hince, Matt Hayes & David Glatte. Grand Master Jim Carlton assisted with the degree.  Over 30 brothers attended, including W.B. Mike Stuhr, Grand Senior Deacon.
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Grand Lodge Area Meeting Held in Lincoln

The Grand Lodge of Nebraska held their Fall Area Meeting for Lincoln at College View Lodge No. 320 on Tuesday, October 12. Grand Senior Warden, R.W. John Millington was the facilitator of the meeting and briefed the area lodge leaders on the Grand Master’s Recommendations for the upcoming Grand Lodge Annual Communication in February of 2022.

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Two Brothers Earn Proficiency Coins at Waterloo 102

On October 7, 2021, two Brothers of Waterloo Lodge No. 102 in Elkhorn earned Grand Master’s Proficiency Coins for Excellence in the Entered Apprentice Degree. Brother Harold Huff earned his first coin and Jimmy Connolly completed his set of three. Kevin Loontjer, Junior Steward, gave the questions. Pictured in the group are Kevin Loontjer, Harold Huff, Jimmy Connolly and Grand Senior Steward and Deputy Grand Custodian Tyler Loontjer.

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